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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of nudity and gun violence. Viewer discretion is advised!

Space.38: Shocking! 9 Continuous Dangers! (おっタマげ!危機9連発! Ottamage! Kiki 9 Renpatsu!) is the thirty-eighth episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the debut of 03*06*10 RyuteiOh, 07*08*10 RyuteiOh and 03*06*07*08*10 RyuTeiOh, the return of Madakko as Mecha Madakko, and the debut of the Ooinu, Cepheus, Mizuhebi, Koinu, Tsuru, and Yamaneko Kyutamas.


Lucky's Homeworld's King Aslan was revealed to be a fake! The Kyurangers uncovered this, and Lucky has become its new king, and the bonds of the Kyurangers have never been stronger! The Kyuranger's aim is to gather enough Kyu Energy to smash through the barrier protecting Jark Matter's Homeworld, Planet Southern Cross. The team is divided into 2 once again, and go on a search for the Perseus and Cepheus Kyu Energies. However, there is one member who is starting to feel left out. That is their Commander Shou Ronpo. Since Tsurugi's exceptional leadership, Shou feels that his role as their Commander is wearing thin. Meanwhile, the Cepheus team must overcome 9 different challenges prepared to specifically challenge each Kyuranger! Although he also feels an obligation to continue fighting, Shou starts to feel that his purpose in the team is wearing thin...


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  • During the Temptation Challenge,Hammy and Raptor have to sit in hot water while it reaches it's highest temperature. But Raptor is an Android,so the Water would've short circuit her system and she would've electrocuted Hammy as they were in water.
  • Speaking of the Temptation Challenge,It's unaware when Desong Captured them,cause when we see the 2 disks,it's after they completed the challenge and Hammy And Raptor are in their Birthday Suits. But when they get freed,They are in their clothes.


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki episode 11, Burning DragonIcon-crosswiki.
  • Kyurangers featured in closing credits
  • RyuTeiOh Combinations:
  • Lucky Kyutama Luck Test
    • Hint: Matcha
    • Color: Green
  • Kyulette Team: N/A
  • This is the first time since its debut that Lucky doesn't assume Shishi Red Orion.
  • Stinger, Balance, Champ, Spada, and Kotaro don't appear transformed in this episode.
  • Shou Ronpo does a attack similar to Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken followed by the quote, "Omae wo mo Shindeiru".

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