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Soul Specter is the sixteenth episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force. It features the final appearance of the Green Ranger's Mystic Muscles, the final appearance of the Mystic Force Fighters and the showdown between Solaris Knight and Koragg.


Chip accidentally opens a magic bottle that begins to slowly steal his soul. To help him, Daggeron takes him to the top of Mount Isis to retrieve the Staff of Topaz, where he gets into a battle with Koragg for the artifact. Meanwhile, the other Rangers try to stop Gnatu and Spydex from stealing any more souls from the citizens of Briarwood. After Chip is healed by the magic of the staff, he returns to assist the Rangers to defeat Gnatu. In the end, Daggeron promises to train Chip to be a knight, as he was trained to be a knight under Udonna's husband, Leanbow.


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  • This episode was merged from two episodes of Magiranger. Instead of the Yellow Ranger opening a bottle, he uses a forbidden magic to go back in time, which curses him, so the whirlpool is put on his chest instead of his stomach.
  • This is the only time the Yellow Ranger uses the Mystic Force Fighters. After this episode, the Mystic Force Fighters don't appear until Power Rangers Operation Overdrive's "Once a Ranger".
  • It remains unknown if Daggeron had ever fully trained Chip to be a knight, but it is entirely possible since, like Leanbow, Daggeron was always and always will be a dedicated teacher.
  • Daggeron also briefly mentions Leanbow to Chip during training. This episode marks the first time that Leanbow, thought to have perished at the time, is mentioned to one of the main five Rangers.

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