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Souls (ソウル Sōru) are different types of memory-card-like devices used to contain a persona or a function. They are the central items in the Go-Ongers arsenal.

According to Go-on Seminar 41 (GP 43), they have used 28 of them in the series.

Engine Souls

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Engine Souls (炎神ソウル Enjin Sōru) are one of two parts of each Engine as they are on Earth. All Engine Souls are unique, sporting the body color of their engine and the logo of each. The Engine Souls are inserted into Engine Casts to restore an Engine to its full-sized body, but this transformation only lasts for ten minutes before losing strength and breaking apart into soul and cast. It can also simply 'animate' the Engine cast (as seen when Speedor, in cast form, follows Sosuke).

They are also used to power the Mantan Gun. No Mantan Gun can function as a blaster without it.

The soul is also required to be used as a power-up for the finisher weapons, the Highway Buster, Junction Rifle, its combined form the Super Highway Buster and the Wing Boosters.

Some of the Go-Ongers' later equipment was also designed for use with Engine Souls, including the Go-Roader GT. By placing an Engine Soul in it, the Go-Roader GT can transform into its human-sized Action Mode, but using this form is risky as it only lasts a few minutes and causes a massive energy drain on the Engine Soul, to the point where the soul runs out of energy and is rendered useless until recharged. Later, the Kankanbar (and by extension its combined form with the Mantan Gun, the Kankan Mantan Gun) was designed with the Ancient Engines' souls in mind.

The Engines speak through the Engine Souls. They can also take on a holographic form by having the Engine Soul in the Transformation Cellular Go-Phone or through special projectors in the Ginjiro van or Suto house. It is here that Engine Souls are usually recharged to replenish their energy.

Change Souls

Change Souls (チェンジソウル Chenji Sōru) were created by Bomper to armor up the Go-Ongers in time for battle. Go-Ongers are partners of each of the Engines and they need to come to battle prepared. Thus, the Change Souls provide access to the arsenal and enhancements. Go-Ongers 1 to 3 have blue-decaled Change-Souls, while Go-Ongers 4 and 5 have green-decaled ones. The Go-On Wings have their own red-decaled versions with their stylized logo on it. These souls are then 'set' into their respective transformation devices, the Go Phone, the Shift Changer, and the Wing Trigger.

Blaster Souls


Blaster Soul for Engine-O G6, G9, and G12

Blaster Souls (ブラスターソウル Burasutā Sōru) are seven identical souls that are inserted into the Handle Blasters (steering wheels with transformation item) or Wing Boosters to provide a finishing attack for Engine-O G6, Engine-O G9 or Engine-O G12. All seven Blaster Souls are identical, sporting white bodies with orange-lined race-themed decals.

Supply Soul


Supply Soul for Mantan Gun

Supply Soul (キューユソウル Kyūyu Sōru) was created by Ren in case of an energy drain. The Supply Soul even has a surplus of energy in that it powers up the combination to higher levels than before it was drained. To use, it is set inside the Mantan Gun, then shot at the Engine needing the boost. It is the first soul molded with clear plastic (yellow).

Tokon Soul


Tokon Soul for GoRoader GT

The Tokon Soul (トーコンソウル Tokon Soru, fighting spirit) is a soul chip similar to the Change Souls in appearance. Its function is to serve as Armored Wheel GoRoader GT's primary power soul and once inserted allows the GoRoader GT to fight in a giant form. Created by Ren after he analyzed Hiroto's ineffective Power Soul and was able to complete it correctly.

Power Soul


Power Souls

Power Soul (パワーソウル Pawā Sōru) is the generic term for prototype Souls that, once properly programmed, can be used in Engine-related items. Go-On Gold is seen with several silver non-decaled Power Souls and a damaged gold one, which he'd used in an attempt to control GoRoader GT.

Human Souls


Sosuke Soul

As seen in GP 12: Sosuke Banki!?, a stored human soul can take the form of a simple, non-decaled gold 'soul'. After accidentally switching souls with Hatsuden Banki, Sosuke Esumi's soul was drawn out of the Barbaric Machine Beast's body by the Engines, and was then set into the Junction Rifle and fired at Sousuke's body, returning both he and Hatsuden Banki to their original bodies.

Ugatz Soul


Ugatz Soul

Dōkokugan/Long Soul


In Engine Sentai Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger, Meka stole the Dōkokugan (the sealed form of Long) and reshaped it into an Engine Soul, allowing it to be inserted into the Nunchuck Banki's slot to empower him.

Kegalesia Soul


Kegalesia Soul

During the events of the theatrical movie Engine Sentai Go-Onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!!, Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia's soul was accidentally separated from her body and took the form of the Kegalesia Soul. It was set into Bomper by the other Ministers in an effort to take control of him and set a trap for the Go-Ongers (who were at the time trapped in Samurai World), but Bomper managed to regain control and eject the Soul, which was returned to Kegalesia's body.


Go Onger BOMPER Soul


The BOMPER Soul is a toy-only item that was given away to attendees of the theatrical movie Engine Sentai Go-Onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!!.

Kyoryu Soul

As seen in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger: GinmakuBang!!, Sosuke Esumi used the Kyoryu Disk in his Mantan Gun to form Hyper Go-on Red.

Kanzen Soul


Kanzen Soul

As seen in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, the Gokaigers' ultimate power is the Kanzen Soul, fashioned after the Engines' souls, which is inserted into Engine Machalcon to form Kanzen GokaiOh.

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