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Sorcerer of the Sands is the thirty-second episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.


Queen Bansheera warns Olympius that if he doesn't destroy the Rangers soon she will return his Star Power to Diabolico. Olympius seeks the help of the Gatekeeper who transports the Rangers into the Shadow World where they face invincible dead monsters. They escape with the help of the Sorceror of the Sands, who Ryan has found in the desert in hopes of discovering a way to imprison the demons. Olympius remains trapped in the underworld, and Diabolico kills the Sorcerer in a battle of spells. When Bansheera finds out that Olympius has been banished she declares him to have been a failure and leaves him to rot, placing Diabolico back in charge of the demons again.


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  • Carter calls the Lightspeed Megazord the Rescue Megazord.


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