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This article is about a/an monster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Season: Mighty Morphin 1
Episodes: Second Chance
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
The Wedding, Parts 1-3
Voice Actor: Brianne Siddall

Soccadillo was an armadillo monster created by Finster. Soccadillo could roll & fly in ball mode. As it was fed energy to transform into its monstrous form, the Soccadillo could become invincible in less than an hour. He could project energy bolts from the spikey areas on his forearms and could project energy from his eyes. After being attacked in the park by the monster in his ball mode, the Red and Green Rangers simultaneously punched the flying Soccadillo in ball mode, causing an explosion which reverted Soccadillo to monster form. When Soccadillo grew to giant heights, he was unharmed by the Dragonzord's missiles. The Megazord's Power Sword destroyed Soccadillo.

Later Apperances

In spite of his apparent destruction, Soccadillo would be seen several more times, spanning multiple series. First, Soccadillo was recreated, along with several other monsters, to trap the Rangers in an abandoned, magical theater. Finster noted that the monsters he recreated for this occasion were some of Rita's favorites. Soccadillo also attended Zedd and Rita's wedding and caught Rita's bouquet in his mouth, remarking, "Weddings always make me cry." After that, he helped chase the Rangers as they retreated to the Command Center and assisted five other monsters in battling the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord, where he was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber.

In the Zeo episode, King For A Day, Part I, Soccadillo can be seen very briefly in the stands of Prince Gasket's battle arena, along with glimpses of other Mighty Morphin-era monsters, spanning all three seasons. Presumably, the costumes were reused for the purpose of bodies to fill the arena, with the assumption they would not be directly noticeable if seen so briefly.

Soccadilo was next featured in Countdown to Destruction.

Soccadillo was also seen on Onyx during the auction to sell off the Pink Quasar Saber in Lost Galaxy.

Soccadillo was last seen in opened ceremony Shadow World's Underground Tomb by Bansheera in during Finale Episode PRLR "The Fate of Lightspeed".


  • Soccadillo comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger. Soccadillo was originally intended to be destroyed by the Ultrazord.

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