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This article is about a/an ally in Power Rangers Mystic Force.
Snow Prince
Snow Prince
Gender: male
Ally Type: Supernatural
Season: Mystic Force
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Snow Prince
Last Appearance: Mystic Fate
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The Snow Prince is a fictional character and is the supportive character of Power Rangers Mystic Force.


According to Daggeron, he had mentored the original Mystic Wizards led by Nick's father Leanbow. The Snow Prince resided in a snowy dimension.

Before Megahorn was chosen to attack Earth, the Snow Prince had transported Nick and Daggeron to his dimension telling Daggeron that he needed to learn a lesson, but never specified what it was. He only stated that Daggeron should become Nick's student for that day.

He also assisted the Rangers in their battle with Megahorn, strictly forbidding Daggeron to join them.

However, after speaking with Phineas, Daggeron ultimately learned the lesson the Snow Prince was trying to teach him—that, at times, Nick learned to trust his heart rather than his mind, and Daggeron was able to use that knowledge to defeat Megahorn.The Snow Prince

In the two-part series finale episode of Mystic Force "Mystic Fate", The Master was steadily growing in strength, and went after the Mystic Mother in her palace. The Snow Prince tried to warn her to escape her domain, but she would not listen. When The Master had arrived the Mystic Mother ultimately sent the Snow Prince to Root Core on Earth, but not before being seeming destoyed by the Master. When Snow Prince arrived in Root Core, he was badly injured, but managed to relay that the Master had destroyed the Mystic Mother dimension.

He made one final appearance in the series, coming to the Rangers' aid in their final battle with the Master, accompanied by Clare, who revealed that Mystic Mother had promoted her to full sorceress status. When Octomus protested that Mystic Mother was destroyed, Snow Prince countered by explaining that Mystic Mother had transformed herself into magical energy before his Evil magic was able to touch her.

He also was one of the spectators who cheered the Rangers on as they used the combined belief in magic from the entire town of Briarwood and the parallel magical world to increase their magic infinitely, ultimately destroying the Master once and for all.Mystic Fate

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