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This article is about a/an monster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
MMPR Snizard
Season: Mighty Morphin 1
Episodes: Foul Play in the Sky
Island of Illusion
Zedd's Monster Mash
The Wedding, Part II
The Wedding, Part III
Voice Actors: Bryan Cranston
Bob Papenbrook

Snizzard was a snake/lizard monster created by Finster to battle the Power Rangers. Its torso was actually a large snake mouth, which could open up and fire what he called "tonsil snakes" at his foes, which would then wrap up and weaken their targets, draining them of their life energy. His arms were a pair of snakes and his legs were a bunch of snakes coiled around each other. The Zapper Apple on his crown also possessed great power, possibly strong enough to have been able to destroy the Power Rangers with a single shot from a weapon charged by it. Confronting four of the Rangers in Angel Grove Park, Snizzard overwhelmed and nearly destroyed them with an arrow charged with energy from his crown's Zapper Apple. It was then that Kimberly Hart arrived and saved her teammates. After defeating a group of Putties that Snizzard had summoned, Kimberly slew the reptilian monster by firing an arrow of her own into his Zapper Apple. Later, an illustration of Snizard was shown in a page of Finster's monster book in the episode "Happy Birthday, Zack".

Snizzard was brought back in season 2 by Lord Zedd as one of the monsters who in Doomstone's graveyard. He was once again recreated (by Finster) to guard the Power Rangers in the Specter Theater. He later attended Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's wedding, demonstrating that he is musically talented, one of the few monsters shown with a unique talent unrelated to their "theme" where he played the song "Here Comes the Bride" on the organ. Rita provided her own lyrics as she walked down the aisle, calling the song "Here Comes the Queen". A couple of the guests were jumping over his tail like a jump rope as he wagged it around from side to side while playing the organ.

Lastly, Snizzard reappeared in Rita and Zedd's army as they conquered the Vica Galaxy during "Countdown to Destruction".


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