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"Ha ha ha ha! Smogger is here! Hura!"
―Smogger's first lines after being summoning by Jinxer.[src]
"One wounded Ranger and three left -- Piece of cake."
―Smogger after fighting four of the Rangers.[src]

Smogger is a gas-theme demon who serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Up to the Challenge".

Character History

This monster was summoned by Jinxer to serve Vipra to defeat the Power Rangers, he goes to Mariner Bay and hurls explosive orbs at buildings that causes them to be set on fire. He confronts the Lightspeed Rangers and summons an army of Batlings to hold them down for him to freely escape, the Yellow and Blue Rangers went after the monster and gave chase into an old building, he got cornered, but he used his Explosive Gas to cause an explosion that ended Yellow Ranger in the hospital when she fired her Rescue Blaster at the door where he smoked. He proudly tells Vipra and is then ordered to use the Explosive Gas to blow up Mariner Bay, they caught Brian who was spying on Chad and Kelsey as well as Vipra and Smogger who wants to defeat the Blue Ranger himself, Smogger then returned with an army of Batlings to Mariner Bay and went to the main street tunnel to try and blow up Mariner Bay from underneath, the Red, Green and Pink Rangers came to battle the monster, he sends the Batlings but they were all easily defeated, he took out the Rangers and was about to finish them off until the Yellow Ranger came to the rescue in her Lightspeed Cycle, they were still out matched, but the Blue Ranger then came by to help, the Red and Blue Rangers then rode on the Lightspeed Cycle and blasted him with the Lightspeed Cycle blasters and the Rescue Blaster to weaken him enough to run him over with the Lightspeed Cycle, finally destroying him.


Smogger is a ruthless monster that love to wreck havoc on the city, but he is very loyal to Vypra.

Powers and Ability's

  • Gas Travel: Smogger can turn himself into white gas for a faster travel.
  • Batling Summoning: Smogger can summon an army of Batlings to aid him in battle.
  • Ball Transformation: Smogger can turn himself into a ball and roll at high speeds.
  • Explosive Gas: Smogger can fire a spray of gas for his finger tips that will explode if fire hits.
  • Energy Ropes: Smogger can fire a green energy laser-like robe from his mouth that will wrap the enemy and will turn into vines.


  • Orb Bombs: Smogger can create small orb-like bombs from the gas created from his fingers and hurl them at the enemy, they are strong enough to take down buildings in one hit and set them on fire.

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