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Slickagon is a Rinshi that Camille calls to assist her in terrorizing the city before Dai Shi returns with Carnisoar. A prankster who holds the spirit of the Eel, Slickagon is able to generate energy-based slime all over his body that can let him slip past any attack. Camille sent him to wipe out the city with his slime. He defeated the Rangers the first time he battled them because their weapons were not able to do any damage to him, and he washed them away with his slime. In the second battle, Casey Rhodes cleaned him up by rubbing off all his slime with a kite, allowing the Rangers to finish him off with the Claw Cannon. Slickagon grew and the Rangers easily finished him off with the Jungle Pride Megazord with Elephant Power.

Slickagon later appeared as a contestant on "Blow That Dough" alongside Buffalord and Pangolin where they competed against the Rangers. He was destroyed when he couldn't answer a question.Don't Blow That Dough

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