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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

"One Ranger locked up, time to give him a cell mate!"
― After capturing Chase and started aiming for Koda
"I'm going away for good!"
―Slammer's final words before his death.[src]

Slammer is a prison-themed monster that Sledge sends to ensnare the Power Rangers Dino Charge.


Slammer has the ability to use his cages to trap and teleport his victims to a faraway sea cave. Rather forcefully sent down to Earth by the ruthless Sledge, Slammer uses this ability to capture Chase, Koda and a young boy named Peter, drawing the other Rangers to him when he commences his next attack while blocking any signal of distress from his captives. However, he is outsmarted by Koda and is defeated by the Rangers while in their Dino Steel mode at his normal size and then by Dino Charge Megazord's Stego-Raptor Formation once enlarged by the Magna Beam.Return of the Caveman

Slammer makes a cameo when Heckyl has Sledge's prisoners released.When Evil Stirs

Slammer was among the monsters revived by Wrench as part of Doomwing's plot to divert the Rangers while going after Zenowing again. Due to the revival being sped up, Slammer was rendered unable to speak. He and the other monsters were destroyed by the Power Rangers.Wings of Danger


Slammer's attitude is like that of a prison guard, based on his appearance of a prison. He also dons a prison guard's hat. Overall, his persona is similar to that of Mecha, the motley prison guard which patrols the cell blocks of Sledge's ship and monitors the outlaws the intergalactic bounty hunter has captured during his career and that now make up his army.

Power's and abilitie's

  • Lightning Bolt: Slammer can shoot powerful lightning out of his hands.


  • Capture Cage: He is able to swing a cage on a chain, with the cage enlarging to capture his victim.

Behind the Scenes


  • to be added


  • Ironically, despite being a prisoner himself, Slammer is based on a prison guard which is the role of the Spikeballs aboard Sledge's warship.

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