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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

After the Rangers had found and retrieved the Fire Heart, Necrolai was desperate for help. She begged Koragg to help her. To do so, Koragg sent Skullington to find and steal the Fire Heart Chest. When Skullington arrived in the city, Nick, Madison and Chip stopped him. They morphed but were then attacked by Hidiacs. When the Pink and Green Rangers showed up, the Green Ranger went to stop Skullington. The Green Ranger was able to defeat Skullington once with his Magi Staff Earth Attack. However, this undead monster was able to regenerate himself back to normal. With the battle heating up, Green Ranger used the new Spell Code he had gotten, and summoned the Mystic Force Fighters. With the fighters, Xander had the upper hand in the battle and was able to destroy Skullington completely.

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