This article is about a/an Nighlok Monster in Power Rangers Super Samurai.

"What did you just feed me!?"
―Scarf after eating Kevin’s Samuraizer[src]

Skarf is a Nighlok that can eat anything with his head-like hands and can also elongate his hands. Master Xandred and Octoroo find Skarf chomping on parts of their ship. Serrator states that Skarf will cause misery for the humans. Skarf then gnaws on Octoroo. Kevin finds Skarf feasting on different items in the park and ends up eating Kevin's Samurizer while saving a cyclist. The other Power Rangers ended up fighting Skarf who ends up retreating after taking a hit from Jayden's sword attack. Skarf later returns and starts eating the City Center. The Rangers fight Skarf again. Antonio uses his Samurizer to find Kevin's Samurizer in his left arm. Just then, Deker arrives to fight Jayden while the other Rangers fight Dayu and Skarf starts eating some of the nearby stuff. Dayu and Deker then attack Skarf which unleashes Skarf's true power. As Skarf's true power is being unleashed, Jayden saves Kevin's Samurizer by cutting off Skarf's right arm. Skarf then grows into his second form where his arms are converted into two halves of a nearly impenetrable tiki-faced wall whose eyes shoot beams. With Kevin getting his Samurizer back, the Rangers summon the Claw Armor Megazord where it's attacks have no effect getting through Skarf's shield. Under Kevin's advice, the Rangers call all the Zords to them in order to combine all the Zords into the Samurai Gigazord which uses the Ultimate Samurai Slash to break Skarf's shield. The Samurai Gigazord then uses it's Mega Strike attack to destroy Skarf.


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