This article is about a/an organization in Power Rangers Time Force.
The Silver Guardians are a law enforcement organization used to stop crime in Silver Hills, used by Mr. Collins to make a profit from the people they helped. Under Eric's leadership, the Silver Guardians protected Silver Hills from Ransik's mutants and held a tenuous relationship with the Time Force Rangers. At the end of the series, Wes became co-leader of the Silver Guardians with Eric, and the Silver Guardians became a non-profit agency. They also appeared in the Power Rangers Wild force two-part episode, Reinforcements from the Future where the Silver Guardians under the command of Wes and Eric confront the Mut-Orgs attacking Turtle Cove. The Silver Guardians were one of the few non-Ranger groups with enough technology to defeat a villain's footsoldiers (in this case, the Cyclobots).

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