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This article is about a/an mentor and ranger in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.
Shou Ronbou
Shou Ronbou
Ryu Violet
Ryu Commander
Gender: Male
Sentai Show: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
Color: Violet
First Appearance: Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star
Last Full Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: TBA (Kyuranger)
TBA (Movies)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Hiroshi Kamiya
Ryu Violet
Ryu Commander

Ryu Violet

Ryu Commander

"Walking the path of the dragon. Pursuing the dragon's path! If I don't do it, who will?!"
―Ryu Violet/Commander's Pre-Transformation catchphrase[src]

"Ryu Violet!"
―Ryu Violet's roll call[src]

"Dragon Ma-Star! Ryu Commander!"
―Ryu Commander's roll call[src]

Shou Ronbou (ショウ・ロンポー Shō Ronpō) is a Rebellion leader and the commander of Kyurangers from the Ryu System. He becomes the tenth member & the "sixth ranger" of the team, Ryu Violet (リュウバイオレット Ryū Baioretto, lit. Dragon Violet), later evolved into Ryu Commander (リュウコマンダー Ryū Komandā, lit. Dragon Commander).[1]

Character History

Fighting in the Rebellion, and becoming Commander

As a member of the Rebellion, Shou served under Supreme Commander Big Bear. While searching for the other Change Kyutamas and the nine Kyurangers, he devised an alternate method of fighting, developing system to use the Skill Kyutamas, in particular the Ryu Kyutama, to force a transformation into Ryu Violet. However, this system was incomplete, and had a time limit imposed on it.

During those days, Shou was headstrong, courageous and refused to listen to orders, choosing instead to fight the Space Shogunate Jark Matter instead of sitting by and letting evil thrive. When the Rebellion's leadership came under attack by the Jark Matter assassins Ikargen and Mardakko, Shou chose to confront them despite his imperfect transformation. The transformation failed mid-battle, and Shou would've been killed if not for Big Bear's intervention. Big Bear was mortally wounded and sacrificed his life to allow Shou to escape. This event left Shou in charge of the Rebellion, and instilled in him the consequences of insubordination. Space.9: Burn! Dragon Master

Collecting the Kyutamas

Shou gains Pegasus Kyutama

A depiction of Shou Ronbou accessing the power of the Pegasus Kyutama.

As depicted in a series of illustrations by Shou Ronbou himself, he traveled across various constellations in an epic journey to gather the power of the legendary Kyutamas so as to oppose the tyranny of Jark Matter taking him to places such as amidst a sea of scorching magma to a frigid wasteland. Among the Kyutamas he collected was that of Pega-san of the Pegasus System, who had resonated with Shou's burning desire to see the defeat of Jark Matter. Traveling together, Shou supposedly wielded the power of Pega-san to defeat the Giant Monster of planet Babangi. However, the authenticity of parts of Shou's story would be doubted by Naga Rei. Space.6: Flap! Dancing Star

Commanding the Kyurangers

Boarding the ORION, Shou was introduced by Raptor 283 to the seven Kyurangers. Making his eccentric nature apparent to everyone present while dropping off a pile of auxiliary Kyutamas, Shou gave the team the mission of stopping Jark Matter from destroying the planet Needle through the deprivation of its Planet Jume. While Raptor was concerned with the threat of Stinger, Shou Ronbou was preoccupied with thinking of an okay phrase, eventually coining the term OKyu. Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star

Shou next sent the Kyurangers to Earth, a planet strangely containing numerous Moraimarz. Introducing the Kyulette, which would randomly select an away team of five in order to conserve Kyu Energy, Shou sent Raptor with them to buy some peaches while Balance and Naga Rei were left behind on the ORION to work on equipment under him. Raptor's trip to Earth would ultimately lead to her realizing her dream of fighting Jark Matter as she awakened her Kyutama and became Washi Pink, helping in taking down the first Daikaan of Earth. Shou denied Naga's suspicion that he knew Raptor was destined to become a Kyuranger. Space.4: Dreamy Android

Other Events

Transformation Lessons ~Let's Star Change Together!~

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Chou Super Hero Taisen

Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen


He tries to give off the persona of being the "Strongest Ever", but his real character is like an old man.

Even in the worst of times, he keeps a proper tone, but who is he really?![2]

Shou has a habit of missing the point in front of him to figure out how to word things right. For example, when most of the team was affected by Stinger's toxin, Shou wanted to know what to use to respond to the Kyurangers instead of "Roger."

However, Shou does have a serious side, showing his leadership figure when he warned the Kyurangers not to engage some of Jark Matter's assassins, both of whom are at their dangerous level yet. It is shown he had been guilt-ridden due to the death of his predecessor Big Bear and don't want to see his group die quickly in front of his eyes, until Lucky and the other eight Kyurangers reminded Shou to move on and carry the late-Big Bear's will in his honor, no matter what sacrifice Shou and the other Kyurangers must make.

Another downside of his personality is that he's a compulsive deceiver, making his team members question his decisions, especially Naga.

Powers and Abilities


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Ryu Violet

Ryu Violet (リュウバイオレット Ryuu Baioretto) is Shou Ronbou's initial Ranger form. Of the current Kyurangers, this is the oldest-known form. Due to being a Skill Kyutama, the transformation has a time limit, leaving Shou weakened when expired.


Appearances: Kyuranger Episodes 8, 9


Ryu Commander

Ryu Commander (リュウコマンダー Ryū Komandā) is Shou Ronbou's newest Ranger form. Infused by the power of nine Kyutama and his desire to fight alongside the Kyurangers, Shou's Kyutama evolves and obtains the Ryu Voyager.




  • Dragon Crush (ドラゴンクラッシュ Doragon Kurasshu): Ryu Commander performs a powerful blast attack with the Ryutsueder that takes the shape of the Ryu Voyager and charges at the enemy.
  • Dragon Break (ドラゴンブレーク Doragon Burēku): Inside the Ryu Voyager, Ryu Commander chargers the mecha with the Ryutsueder, charges at the gesalt opponent with energy.

Appearances: Kyuranger Episodes 9, 11, 12

Behind the Scenes



  • His name is a pun on xiaolongbao, a type of steamed bun from China.
  • While he is not the first tokusatsu hero to wear a trenchcoatIcon-crosswiki, he is the first Sentai Ranger to do so. Interestingly, the trenchcoat, the Dragon motif, and a dual mode weapon are some similarities with Kamen Rider Wizard. The only difference is that Wizard is based on the European Dragon, whereas Ryu Commander has a Chinese Dragon motif.
  • Of the 88 constellations, Ryu Commander represents the constellation Draco, "The Dragon".
  • Even though there are already nine rangers on the core-team, he's counted as the equivalent of a Sixth Ranger joining the team later.
  • Shou Ronbou is also the first sixth ranger to be themed after a dragon ever since Yamato Tribe Knight Burai/DragonRanger.
  • Although Shou Ronbou and Wise God Torin are the tenth Sentai Rangers of the team, the latter is not a Sentai Sixth Ranger.
  • The Ryu Violet suit is the breastplate and helmet from the Ryu Commander suit combined with the ToQ 7gou costume.
  • As Ryu Violet, his roll call is based on Souji TendouIcon-crosswiki's "Walking to the path of heaven" introduction quote from Kamen Rider KabutoIcon-crosswiki.
  • Shou Ronbou is similar to Yuusaku Hayakawa (Mega Silver) for three reasons.
    • Both are the Sixth Ranger of their respective teams.
    • Both used powers that were prototypes.
    • Both had a time limit to how long they could stay transformed.


See Also

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