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"Shockatron here, ready to rumble!"
―Shockatron's first line.[src]

Shockatron is an cyborg-themed demon and is the main villain of the episode "A Face from the Past".

Character History

Shockatron attacks one of Mariner Bay's power plants, trapping a teacher with many children within. He was about go to another plant, but he gets stopped by the Lightspeed Rangers after they saved the children, he summons the Batlings, but they were all easily defeated, he then took on the Rangers himself and had the upper hand at first, but the Rangers then equipped the V-Lancers, Shockatron was no match and is defeated. He is then revived as a giant thanks to Jinxer, but is destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord. He was then banished to the Shadow World.


Shockatron was a ruthless monster that loves to wreck havoc on the city, he is also arrogant, thinking that the Rangers can't stop him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cable Cords: Shockatron can release cords from his hands that can cause an overload in a computer and cause it to explode.
  • Batling Summoning: Shockatron can summon an army of Batlings to aid him in battle.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Shockatron can leap in far distance.
  • Flight: Shockatron can fly at high speeds thanks to the wings behind his back.


  • Fists: While lacking a hand held weapon, Shockatron can fight with his bare fists.

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