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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Wild Force.
"Ahh, a whole school of guppies!"
―Ship Org after the Rangers came in to aid the Blue Ranger in a rematch.[src]

Ship Org is (as his name applys) a ship-theme Org who serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Wishes on the Water".

Character History

Ship Org was created in the Turtle Cove harbor, he comes out of one of the sail boats and has Max's bottle lodged in his left shoulder. Max (determining to not let the Rangers find out about the letter) morphs into the Blue Ranger and fights for his bottle, the Black, Red, White and Yellow Rangers came in to aid the Blue Ranger in Battle, but they were all out match, the Blue Ranger went head first into the org and they both fell into the water below, The Blue Ranger try to battle the monster, but Ship Org fired his forehead lighting beam at the Ranger, knocking him out cold, Ship Org was about to make the final strike until a pair of red eyes appeared and scared off the monster, he later returns and attacks the people of of Turtle Cove, Max comes in and morphs into the Blue Ranger and had a rematch, the Blue Ranger took a beating but he was not out, the other Rangers came to the rescue, unfortunately Toxipod and Jindrax came in and summons an army of Putrids to aid Ship Org in battle, he attacks the Rangers as well as the Putrids, the Rangers tried to retreat, but they were caught, the Red Ranger attacks but he was taking down and the Org then hold down the Ranger, the Blue Ranger notest a crane and use it to get close enough and used the Blue Shark Fighting Fins to cut off Ship Orgs right horn, weaking him enough for the Red Ranger to kick the monster off of him, but at the cause of the bottle to fall off of the monster a broke, this angers the Blue Ranger, they combined their weapons to form the Jungle Sword and destroyed Ship Org, Toxipod made Ship Org grow and the Rangers summon the Wild Zords to form the Wild Force Megazord, the White Ranger summons the Elephant Zord to form the Wild Force Megazord Sword and Shield Mode to battle Ship Org, the Rangers used the Pachydern Crusher on him, but the monster used his shield to block the attack, he then attack the Megazord with great force and force the Megazord to drop its weapon, Max's vision comes true and he realized that they needed The Spear of Pardolis, which was a Zord called the Giraffe Zord, Maxs calls forth the Zord and he appers, Ship Org was landing hard hitting blows on the Wild Force Megazord until the Giraffe Zord came to the rescue and attack the org, Max then combined the Giraffe Zord with the Wild Force Megzord to form the new Wild Force Megazord Spear Mode, the Megazord then fired the Giraffe Spear and it pierced through both the shield and the monster, destroying him.


Ship Orgs personality is very similar to that of a Whaler, he loves the harbor, and dose not want anyone on it, he is also shown to be not very bright, as he attacks both the Rangers and the Putrids, despite the formals helping him.

Powers and Ability's

  • Strength: Ship Org is one of the stronger monsters, powerful enough to nearly best all five Wild Force Rangers in battle.
  • Water Adaption: Ship Org can travel through water with ease.
  • Forehead Lighting Beam: Ship Org can fire an orange colored lighting beam from his forehead.
  • Lighting Vision: Ship Org can fire pink-s red lighting beams from his eyes.


  • Anchor Axe: Ship Org has an anchor-like axe that aids him in combat.
    • Anchor in Chain: Ship Orgs axe also has a chain that lets him attack the target in long range.
  • Ship Shield: Ship Org also has an indestructible shield, it is strong enough to block the Yellow Rangers Golden Eagle Sword and the White Rangers White Tiger Baton, reflect the Red Rangers Lion Blaster, and the Wild Force Megazord Sword and Shield Modes Pachydern Crusher attack.
    • Reflect: Ship Org can also reflect projectile based attacks with his shield as well.


  • Ship Org in the first monster to be fought by the Wild Force Megazord Spear Mode.

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