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This article is about a/an list of weapons, devices, and vehicles in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.
The Kakuranger Arsenal
Used by: Kakurangers
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Arsenal (Dairanger)
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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Kakurangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Kakuranger series page as well as the team page of the Kakurangers.

Transformation Devices

Doron Changer

Main article: Doron Changer

The Doron Changers are the Kakurangers' transformation devices.




Secret Sword Kakuremaru

Secret Sword Kakuremaru

Secret Sword Kakuremaru

See also: Aquitian Saber

Secret Sword Kakuremaru (秘剣カクレマル Hiken Kakuremaru?, Hidden Circle): The primary weapons of the Kakurangers, the Kakuremarus are the swords passed down from their ancestors that change form whenever the Kakurangers transform. Each Kakuranger is able to perform their own signature sword strike modelled after their individual crests as well as perform the Lightning Wave (雷光波 Raikō Nami?) team finisher where all five Rangers cross their swords to create a powerful blast that destroys Youkai.


Kakulaser and Laser Knife

Kakulaser/Laser Knife

See also: Aquitian Laser

Kakulaser (カクレイザー Kakureizā?): The laser gun sidearms of the Kakurangers, modelled after a flintlock pistol.

  • Laser Knife (レイザーナイフ Reizā Naifu?): A small knife concealed within the Kakulaser.


Each of the Kakurangers carry shuriken modeled after their individual crests. In episode 7 of Ninninger, Sasuke uses his Shuriken to take the place of the End Shuriken, which is pursued by Youkai Nekomata. Delivered the box, Kyuemon Izayoi is irritated to see it is not the End Shuriken but a "silly-looking, useless shuriken", tossing it aside with without regard to NinjaRed's dismay.

Individual Weapons and Team Attacks

Shinobi Knuckle

See also: Aquitian Fist

Shinobi Knuckle (シノビナックル Shinobi Nakkuru?): A gauntlet that each Kakuranger possesses. The Shinobi Knuckler not only increases punching power but can also be equipped with either a grappling device or the Kakurangers' individual weapons.

Red Slicer

Red Slicer (レッドスライサー Reddo Suraisā?): NinjaRed's giant four-point shuriken.  The Red Slicer can be thrown like a boomerang or attached to NinjaRed's Shinobi Gauntlet to be used as a melee weapon/shield.

White Beak

White Beak (ホワイトビーク Howaito Bīku?): NinjaWhite's two-prong dagger.

Blue Shot

Blue Shot (ブルーショット Burū Shotto?): NinjaBlue's wrist-mounted water gun.  Despite it's small size it can fire a huge volume of water with great force.

Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw (イエロークロー Ierō Kurō?): NinjaYellow's wrist-mounted claw.  The Yellow Claw can be launched out on a wire to snag onto enemies and reel them into attack range.

Black Bow

Black Bow (ブラックボウ Burakku Bō?): NinjaBlack's wrist mounted crossbow.

Kakuranger Ball

Kakuranger Ball (カクレンジャーボール Kakurenjā Bōru?): a weapon modelled after an American football, used for the Kakure Shoot (カクレシュート Kakure Shūto?), the team's second finishing move.  Brought out by NinjaWhite, the Kakuranger Ball is passed from member to member, changing color to match whichever member is currently holding it, before finally being kicked into the Youkai. A giant version of the Kakuranger Ball can be used by the Beast General Fighters to perform the Super Kakure Shoot (スーパーカクレシュート Sūpā Kakure Shūto?).

Thunder Sword Hikarimaru

Thunder Sword Hikarimaru (雷鳴剣ヒカリマル Raimeiken Hikarimaru?, Light Circle): A bird themed short sword given to Sasuke by Tsubasamaru during the final battle with Junior.  The Hikaimaru is used to summon Tsubasamaru and can also be wielded alongside Sasuke's Kakuremaru to perform the Hidden Style: Thundering Cut (隠流・雷鳴斬 Kakure Ryū: Raimei Kiri?).





Nekomaru (ネコマル Nekomaru?, Cat Man): A cat-spirit given to the Kakurangers by Sandayuu that assumes the form of a sentient food truck.  He serves as the Kakurangers' headquarters and has the ability to both fly and teleport. When the Kakurangers are not on a mission, it serves as a mobile crepe shop to provide them with a source of income.

Shark Machines

See also: Shark Cycles

Shark Machines: The team's motorcycles, used in the finishing move Shark Driver (シャークドライバー Shāku Doraibā?), where the front of Shark Launcher's side car connects to the back of Shark Slider's side car, creating a ramp that launches Ninja Red's Shark Bleeder to smash through the enemy.

  • Shark Bleeder (シャークブリッダー Shaāku Buriddā?): Ninja Red's very own motorcycle, based on a thresher shark.
  • Shark Slider (シャークスライダー Shāku Suraidā?): Ninja Blue's own motorcycle with a sidecar for Ninja White, based on a hammerhead shark.
  • Shark Launcher (シャークランチャー Shāku Ranchā?): Ninja Yellow's own motorcycle with a sidecar for Ninja Black, based on a sawshark.


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons and Attacks


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