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This article is about a/an a mega-crossover event in the Power Rangers franchise.
Shattered Grid is a 2018 crossover story event created by the staff of Boom! Studios and Saban which coincided with both the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers and the commemoration of 25 issues of Boom's comic series, based on a modern take of the Mighty Morphin era. The event will run from March 2018 to August 2018, the month of the 25th anniversary of Power Ranger's original broadcast in 1993.

The story's tagline is: "No Ranger is Safe."

A new storyline titled Beyond the Grid will be following up the aftermath.



Set a few months after the first story arc of the books, "The Black Dragon" arc, Lord Drakkon had been defeated and his Power Coin was destroyed by the Rangers of an alternate reality, including a heroic and younger version of himself. He then was somehow transported to the universe of the Power Rangers of the main comic book timeline from his dark alternate future timeline. After being held in a special top secret containment area in Promethea for an unknown amount of time, the Saba from his universe appeared in his cell. Knowing what horrible acts Lord Drakkon had committed on their world, including the brutal murders of several Power Rangers, Zordon, and his allies, Saba had come in an attempt to kill the evil former dictator before he could do any more harm. This attempt failed and Saba was supposedly killed, with Drakkon using his headless saber body to open a portal to escape.

Main story

In the future, the Time Force Rangers go to investigate a mysterious rift in space. Wes warns that not only is this affecting the main timeline, but also the universes of the RPM and Dino Charge. Getting close to the rift, the Time Force Megazord is ravaged, pulling in Trip, Katie and Lucas. Wes tells Jen to escape and go back to the past and fix this problem. She escapes just in time as the Megazord explodes, taking Wes with it. Jen is barely able to escape as a massive Lord Drakkon looms overhead.

Following a failed attempt by Saba to assassinate him, Drakkon escaped from Promethea custody intent on regaining his powers and returning to his dimension. Alerted to this, Jason and Tommy confront Grace Sterling over hiding the fact that she held Drakkon without their knowledge. At Ninjor's home, Drakkon convinces the ninja sage to help repair his connection to the Morphing Grid, which, after passing various trials, he does. Drakkon is thankful but leaves the sage unaware of his true purpose.

In the Command Center, the Rangers plot out their next course of action with Billy wanting Trini's help in getting the Black Dragon working again to warn the Coinless of Drakkon's possible return and to set up a barrier around the Command Center. However, this plan is foiled when, in needing a break, Drakkon snuck into the Command Center and stole the Green Chaos Crystal back. Tommy and Kimberly had taken the slight downtime to get their minds off everything and go out on their first date. However, the date soured at the end as Tommy attempted to give Kim a good night kiss, Kim rebuffed him. As Tommy left, feeling terrible for such an action, Kimberly realized that she did want the kiss and followed him back.

However, by the time Kim caught up, it was too late - Drakkon had appeared and ambushed Tommy, running him through the back and stealing his energy to supercharge the Green Chaos Crystal. Kim began to battle Drakkon and was soon aided by Jen, but it was too late as Drakkon escaped back to his world and all Kimberly could do was hold Tommy's body as he died.

Returning to his world, Lord Drakkon reconnected with his army and decided to confront the disturbance they were dealing with - the Hyperforce Rangers who had accidentally ended up in this universe following his energy signature. Upon learning that Scorpina was making a move to claim Serpentera, Drakkon forced the HyperForce team to aid him in stopping her but forced them to keep Serpentera intact. However, the plan backfired as Marv forced a "No Killing" policy, allowing Scorpina to survive and Vesper taking control of Serpentera and crashing it into the ocean, though Drakkon got his revenge by taking her arm off.

Back to the mainstream universe, Zordon informs the Rangers that Tommy is dead, so they decide to place his body back to the alley so the police can find him. Days later, the Rangers attend Tommy's funeral, when Alpha tells them that Jen is awake. In the Command Center, Jen warns the other Rangers that the Morphin Grid "fractured" the timeline into several pocket dimensions, but Drakkon is now invading those worlds to gain more power.

After most of the Samurai Rangers were captured, Zordon contacts the Emissaries Three in order to convince the Morphin Masters to cut Drakkon off from his power, but they ignore his plea, denying that Drakkon and his army are dangerous threats to the Grid. In the meantime, Drakkon failed to recruit Dr. K, who discovered how to reverse the Dragon Cannons' effect.

Back at the Command Center, the Rangers use both the Black Dragon and Time Force technologies to contact Dr. K and the RPM Rangers, only to find out that Drakkon has evolved again, and this time, he is accompanied with new allies: the Psycho Rangers, the S.P.D. A-Squad and Koragg.

In Drakkon's world, the Coinless managed to save Ninjor, but at the cost of Zack's life. Ninjor then reveals to everyone that Drakkon is conquering Rangers so he can get access to the Morphin Grid.

Tie-in story

In the Go Go Power Rangers timeline, the Ranger Slayer joins forces with Rita Repulsa to power-up the Gravezord, so she could deliver the Chaos Crystal back to Lord Drakkon.




The official comic collectors checklist for the story.

The story was heavily built up to and promoted in late 2017 and early 2018 and eventually in early spring 2018, it was revealed that the story would crossover into Boom's second comic Go Go Power Rangers and several popular Power Rangers teams from across the franchise would be part of the event. Jason David Frank promoted the comic in an online ad on IGN, portraying the evil Lord Drakkon in a voiceover narration. In addition, the 2018 Annual special would feature stories involving the other Power Ranger teams under attack and battling Lord Drakkon's forces and the Free Comic Book Day Special issue would directly tie into the event.[1][2]

Wondercon 2018

The comic story was further promoted into the canon of Power Rangers Hyper Force at Wondercon 2018. Jason David Frank appeared on the show as Lord Drakkon, with the powerful villain attacking the Hyper Force Rangers in the RPG game. Special commemorative collectible pins were given away at the Boom! Studios booth and a panel was held featuring the writers and artists to talk about the story. Attendees of Wondercon could also purchase a special variant of Go Go Power Rangers Issue #8, featuring the Hyper Force Power Rangers team on the cover.[3][4][5]

SDCC 2018 and Power Morphicon

The story got more publicity at SDCC 2018, with the staff of Boom! Studios holding a panel to discuss the comic as well as letting fans get to know Marguerite Bennett and what her plans are for the comic series in the Beyond the Grid arc after the departure of Kyle Higgins from the writing staff. Collectibles from the event included more Shattered Grid pins and special variant covers of GGPR Issue 9 and Issue 29 of the main book featuring the Ranger Slayer and HyperForce.[6]

The Shattered Grid Storyline list (listed in release order)

A collection volume of the story arc will be released in August 2019, albeit without the Free Comic Book Day issue, which will be released as part of Volume 2 of the Power Rangers: Lost Chronicles collection on June 2019. A deluxe collection with the entire story, artwork and more will be released during the holiday season of 2019.[7]

Promotional Material

Boom! Studios produced two videos to promote Shattered Grid. The first video features Jason David Frank providing voiceover narration as Lord Drakkon with promotional images from the upcoming event.

Power Rangers Shattered Grid Official Trailer

Power Rangers Shattered Grid Official Trailer

The first promotional video

The second video, released March 22, 2018, is a live-action prelude featuring Jason David Frank reviewing footage from various seasons of Power Rangers before declaring his intent to attack. The two costumes that appear in the video were created by Aniki Cosplay. The short was produced by Kyle Higgins, the lead writer for Shattered Grid.



The live-action trailer


  • Variant covers of issues for the books include a 25th anniversary set of variant covers by Jordan Gibson. They resemble the covers from the Marvel era comics from the 1990s with different events from the franchise featured on the cover. (EX. Issue 27 features the Power Rangers when they were de-aged into kids from Season 3 of the original TV show)
  • This storyline will mark the first official appearance of characters from the as-of-this-writing upcoming Power Rangers Beast Morphers series. They make their first official appearance in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #29. It will also feature the comic debuts of Power Rangers Hyper Force and the Dark Ranger from Dino Charge.[8]