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Shark Attack

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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
Shark Attack
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Episode 7x14
PR LG07 E14 SharkAttack NM307
Air date May 15, 1999
Written by Jackie Marchand
Directed by Ryuta Tazaki
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Redemption Day

Shark Attack is the fourteenth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


Treacheron goes after Trakeena when the Shark Brothers reveal that it was she who set him up. Magna Defender finds Trakeena and threatens her when she tries to escape. The Rangers appear and Mike's voice is heard from within the Magna Defender, making Leo wonder whether he is still alive. The Rangers face off against the Sharks and Treacheron and are able to destroy both by Powering Up.


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  • Due to the use of sentai footage when the shark brothers break in to the prison where Treacheron is the cell shifts from an Gray and Red concrete cell to an wooden plank cell and back. In the gingaman footage he is in the brig of Captain Zahab (Captain Mutiny's Sentai Counterpart) pirate ship.

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