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Shark Attack is the fourteenth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. This marks the final appearance of Treacheron.


Treacheron goes after Trakeena when the Shark Brothers reveal that it was she who set him up. Magna Defender finds Trakeena and threatens her when she tries to escape. The Rangers appear and Mike's voice is heard from within the Magna Defender, making Leo wonder whether he is still alive. The Rangers face off against the Sharks and Treacheron and Leo defeats Treacheron in a one-on-one fight. When Treacheron refuses to relent even after being seriously injured, Leo is forced to destroy him while the Rangers destroy the Shark Brothers with the Galaxy Megazord.


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  • Due to the use of Sentai footage when the shark brothers break in to the prison where Treacheron is the cell shifts from a Gray and Red concrete cell to a wooden plank cell and back. In the Gingaman footage he is in the brig of Captain Zahab's (Captain Mutiny's Sentai Counterpart) pirate ship.


  • This introduces Trakeena and Mike Corbett's story arcs.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Orion Galaxy Megazord.
  • This is the first time that Mike's goodness causes Magna Defender pain whenever he comes close to achieving vengeful acts.
  • When the Rangers used Orion Lights mode, the speckles on Galaxy Yellow and Pink chests, disappeared due to the Rangers' power-up effect.

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