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"Sergeant Tread, reporting for duty."
―Sergent Tread's first lines.[src]

Sergeant Tread is a Nighlok with wheels for hands who is one of Master Xandred's best warriors and is the tertiary antagonist of the special Power Rangers Samurai movie "Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie".

Character History

He was assigned by Master Xandred to help Professor Cog. After Professor Cog defeats both Red Rangers and sends the others into a vortex leading to Professor Cog's time, Sergeant Tread is told by Professor Cog that the Hypno-Bolts he casted onto the Red Rangers will kick in soon. Sergeant Tread is then told to give Master Xandred about the situation of the Professor Cog's Hypno-Bolts on the Red Rangers. When the Hypno-Bolts kick in, Sergeant Tread and Professor Cog watch Jayden and Scott duel each other. After the Hypno-Bolts were negated, Sergeant Tread leads the Moogers and Grinders into battle with him turning the Grinders into motorcycles. After taking down the Moogers and Grinders, Jayden and Scott end up fighting Sergeant Tread with Jayden using Scott's laser to shoot Sergeant Tread. The other Samurai Rangers return from Scott's time and managed to help destroy Sergeant Tread and Professor Cog.Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie


Sergent Tread acts much like a general.

Powers and Ability's

  • Teleportation: Sergeant Tread can teleport to any location at will.
  • Eye Lasers: Sergent Tread can fire red energy lasers from his eyes.


  • Tread Wheels: True to his name, he carrys a set of two wheels for combat which he Canberra use to rush at the enemy.
    • Speed Formation: Sergent Tread can also use the wheels to move to other places faster, he can also use them to traverse though the water.


  • Sergeant Tread is the second of two Nighlok who does not become a Mega Monster with the first being Sharkjaw.

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