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This article is about a/an Battlizer Morpher in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
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Sentinel Morpher
Sentinel Morpher
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Used by: Mack Hartford
Special System: Excelsior
Production Order
Mercury Morpher
Solar Morphers
"Red Sentinel Ranger! Activate!"
―Activation call[src]

The Sentinel Morpher is a special brace morpher designed to allow Mack to access his Red Sentinel Ranger mode. Despite it being too powerful for humans to use as it is robot tech, Mack, being an android, is the only Overdrive Ranger who can use the morpher. However, now that Mack is a human due to the power of the Corona Aurora, it is unknown if he can still utilize this morpher.

Morphing sequence

By calling out "Red Sentinel Ranger! Activate!" Mack presses the ignition button on the Sentinel Morpher and hurls Excelsior who transforms into the Sentinel Knight's battle mode and then separates into the Battilizer's components. The components then swiftly assemble and merge with the Red Overdrive Ranger's suit to form the armor, thus completing the transformation.


  • Like most Disney era Battilizer morphers, the Sentinel Morpher is a repaint and remold of a 6th ranger morpher, in this case the Mercury Morpher. Oddly, the coloring for the toy version is orange while the TV prop version is seemignly red, though this could be due to a lighting effect during the morphing sequence.
  • The Sentinel Morpher is only seen on TV when it is opened, but in its closed state in toy form, it resembles the decorative gem on the chest of the Sentinel Knight and the hilt of Excelsior.

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