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This article is about a/an set of rangers in the Super Sentai series.
Gai and 15 Sixth Rangers

Gai Ikari (Gokai Silver) and the 15 Sixth Rangers before him.

Sixth Heroes

The Sixth Rangers
(Before Gokai Silver joins)

These are the Sentai 6th Rangers. After 2 unofficial prototypes, the first Sixth Ranger appeared in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger. There have been 18 official sixth Rangers, including 1 replacement. They generally appear in the 17th episode of their respective series, but there have been exceptions.

Out of the 19 official Sixth Rangers, 6 have been Silver (making it the most common color for 6th Rangers), 5 have been Gold, 3 have been White, 2 have been Green, 2 have been Black, and 1 has been Red. Ressha Sentai ToQger introduces Orange as a new color, with ToQ 6gou.

Personality wise, most 6th Rangers have been hardcore loners (DragonRanger, TimeFire, GaoSilver, AbareKiller, Bouken Silver, Go-On Gold, Gosei Knight, ToQ 6gou). But some are comedy relief (KibaRanger, MegaSilver, Shurikenger, Shinken Gold, Gokai Silver, Kyoryu Gold, StarNinger) and some are wise voices of reason (KingRanger, DekaBreak, MagiShine, Go-On Silver). It should also be noted that being a 6th Ranger is not necessarily a numeric designation (IE: AbareKiller was actually the 5th member of his respective team) but rather that they serve as a "supplementary" teammate. In series where a 6th Ranger is absent, an Extra Hero (Carrangers's Signalman, Gingaman's Black Knight) will frequently serve in their place.

Main Sentai 6th

Alternate Reality Sentai 6th

Heroes with Debatable 6th Ranger status

Prototype 6th Ranger

False 6th Rangers

Super Sixth

Sixth Rangers who can assume Super Ranger forms.

Gokai Changes

Female Sixth

Female versions of the Sixth Rangers as seen in Gokaiger. Costumes/Forms transformed by Gokai Yellow and Gokai Pink are equipped with skirts.

Male Sixth

Male versions of the Sixth Rangers as seen in Gokaiger. Costumes/Forms transformed by Gokai Silver are equipped with tights.

Sixth Rangers



There are several Rangers and other Heroes that could be counted as 6th Rangers, though they aren't officially classed as such. These normally appear in 6th Ranger-less series, being the closest thing the series has to a 6th Ranger.

Ranger Keys

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