This article is about a/an planet in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

Sentai 6 is the planet where the Dark Energem was sealed away as to prevent evil beings from using its power. It is Heckyl's and Snide's homeworld.


Long ago, shortly after the Energems were created, Keeper and Zenowing had the ten regular Energems along with them, plus an eleventh one called the Dark Energem (made by the residual dark energy which created the others). The master and apprentice had the item sealed on the planet and departed. Later on, Lord Arcanon became aware of its location and went to the world in person. Knowing the difficulty of finding even a single Energem while bent on having it, Lord Arcanon destroyed the entire planet and took it with him not having to meet resistance from Heckyl and Snide since they forgot their memories.Wings of Danger

Lord Arcanon would later reveal its whereabouts once he arrived on Earth.Recipe for Disaster

Sometime after being separated from Snide, Heckyl told Shelby that he now has a goal to rebuild Sentai 6.The Rangers Rock!

End of Extinction


  • While an obvious homage to the Super Sentai genre Power Rangers originates from, the name also is a reference to the 6th Super Sentai series, Dai Sentai Goggle V, where the team's power source were actually gemstones.
    • Heckyl, the only character known to hail from Sentai 6, is also known for his goggles.
  • A planet Kamen 5 is later referenced, in homage to the sister franchise Kamen Rider.