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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Wild Force.

Sealing the Nexus is the thirty-eighth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force. The episode seemingly concludes the storyline that began in The Master's Herald and marks the departure of Toxica and Jindrax after forming an alliance with the Wild Force Rangers to rescue Princess Shayla from Master Org.


The Rangers battle resurrected Org generals to disable the Nexus' force field, so that their new allies Toxica and Jindrax may sneak in and rescue Princess Shayla. Jindrax and Toxica succeed while the Rangers go blast to blast with their Jungle Blaster against the Orgs Nexus Blade. In the end, the Jungle Blaster overpowers the Nexus Blade and destroys the General Orgs. Princess Shayla is rescued and Master Org appears to crumble to dust. The Rangers, Jindrax and Toxica peacefully part ways and the war with the Orgs seems to be over.


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  • Final appearance of the Jungle Blaster.
  • This episode marks the final appearances of Toxica and Jindrax as the two turn their backs on the Org way of life and go off to see the world (although Sin Wong will continue to be credited for the rest of the series).
    • The two were meant to make a cameo appearance in The End of the Power Rangers Part II (in which Jindrax makes an Elephant grow by feeding it seeds from Toxica's staff), however their scene was deleted.


  • Toxica is seen holding a different, more elaborate staff when she appears in Gaoranger footage.
  • When they encounter RetinaxCole and Taylor assume that they were set up despite Jindrax and Toxica warning that the pillars might be guarded. Also, the two never mention this supposed 'betrayal' to the two when encountering them later.
  • Some of the Rangers were holding their weapons when they were hit by the Nexus Blade, despite not having them a second earlier. This is due to recycling a bit of footage.

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