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"We're back in business, boys! And the Energems will be mine! Ha ha ha ha!"
―Scumlaw to Rot and Decay after they blasted the Rangers.[src]
"Ugh! You guards betrayed me! And I paid you good candy!"
―Scumlaw to Rot and Decay (who are Prince Phillip and James in disguised) after they unmasked the Jury (who are four Vivixs, Poisandra and Curio in disguised as the Jury), revealing that the Jury is rigged and that Scumlaw was actually cheating.[src]
"Can’t I get away with a smack on the wrist!?"
―Scumlaw trying to reason with the Jack-o’-Lantern Judges and the Rangers after he is caught cheating.[src]
"Uh oh! Case closed!"
―Scumlaw's final words before his destruction.[src]

Scumlaw in the Halloween Intergalactic Court.

Scumlaw is a lawyer-theme monster and is the crooked prosecutor of the Halloween Intergalactic Court, he always wins trials because he owns the jury, he appears in the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Halloween special episode "Trick or Trial".

Character History

Scumlaw was among Sledge's prisoners who arrived on Earth. One Halloween, he was enlisted by Poisandra to get rid of the Rangers through the Halloween Intergalactic Court, via his deceitful ways and having Poisandra, Curio, and several Vivix posing as the jury. It was here, Scumlaw had the ghosts of many of the Rangers' fallen enemies come back to tell how they were wrongly destroyed by the Power Rangers. The Rangers had ten strikes, however, James and Prince Phillip showed up disguised as the guards Rot and Decay to reveal who the jury was. Unfortunately, the judges found Scumlaw guilty of jury tampering as a result of this.

Realizing he was caught in the act, Scumlaw fled to Earth, where the Rangers destroyed him for good with a combined Dino Morpher Blast.


Personality-wise, Scumlaw acts very much like a Lawyer, but is ruthless and incredible manipulative, being able to easily trick the Judges into thinking that the Dino Charge Power Rangers are evil and that the monsters were innocent, though he is shown to be good friends with Poisandra and Curio.

Powers and Abilities

By himself, Scumlaw has little to no strength of his own. Instead, he relied on others to do his job for him. Tho he also relies on his skill of persuasion to manipulate officials in order to gain what he wants.

  • Energy Smoke Travel: Scumlaw can transform into a pink smoke-like energy for a faster travel.


  • Candy Bags: Scumlay has supply of candy bags to give to the mummy guards.

Behind the Scenes



  • Out of all the Outlaws in the Power Rangers Dino Charge series, Scumlaw is the weakest monster, having little to no abilities, and lacking a giant form.
  • Scumlaw is similar to Memorella, a monster who appeared in the Power Rangers Dino Charge Halloween special episode, "The Ghostest With the Mostest", as both monsters make an appearance on their seasons' Halloween special.
    • Despite this however, they are opposite in many ways.
      • Memorella is a female monster who is themed after a vampire, she has many powers, can transform into a bat, has a whip for combat and has a battle with a Megazord.
      • Scumlaw on the other hand is a male monster who is themed after a Lawyer, he doesn't have much in a way of powers, lacks any hand held weapon for combat and doesn't fight a Megazord.
  • Scumlaw is the fifth monster outlaw in the Power Rangers Dino Charge series to lack any projectile/range-type attacks, the first being Puzzler, the second being Nightmare, the third being Spell Digger and the fourth being Beauticruel.
  • Scumlaw is the third monster in the Power Rangers Dino Charge series to not get enlarged by the Magna Beam and engage in a Megazord battle. The first being G-BO and the second being Hunter.

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