This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Scent of a Weasel is the thirty-seventh episode of Power Rangers Zeo.


A fashion show is being held at the Youth Center, and Skull is assigned to protect the top model, but he accidentally makes things worse for her by dumping a bottle of overwhelming fragrance on her. Inspired by this, the Machine Empire create Stenchy, a robotic skunk who makes the Power Rangers smell so bad that they won't be able to stand one another.


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  • Debut of the Warrior Wheel.
  • Skull mentions his use of Tomato Juice to get rid of the smell came from an episode of The Patridge Family. The episode he mentioned was "But the Memory Lingers On".
  • This episode's title is a reference to the 1992 movie, Scent of a Woman.


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