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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Megaforce.

Scaraba is an Insectoid sent down to Earth by Admiral Malkor to defeat the newfound resistance of humanity. He holds his own title among the Insectoids: The Rock Beetle.

Character History

He is the first Insectoid to fight the Mega Rangers and the first field commander in Power Rangers Megaforce.

Instigated by Creepox's rage and Vrak's advice, Malkor summons him to battle. After acknowledging that the Loogies are no match for the Mega Rangers, he decides to give them a real challenge.

His full title is Scaraba, The Rock Beetle, and he is referred as such when summoned by Malkor. Despite his title as the Rock Beetle, he is actually scarab-themed.

He was the first to be destroyed by the Megaforce Blaster.

Power's and ability's

  • Boulder Roll: He is able to suck up rubble into his stomach grinder, which creates boulders used to attack opponents by either launching them or crushing his foes by rolling over them.
  • Gauntlet Claws: Scaraba has large gauntlet claws on his arms for melee combat.
  • Energy balls: He can unleash large, blue-colored, energy orbs from his hands.
  • Laser Vision: He can fire powerful laser beams from his eyes.


Scaraba is a determined soldier who proudly serves the cause of the Insectoids. He is devoted to Malkor and openly expresses his confidence before Vrak as to show how superior his kind is to humanity. In battle, he proves strong but prone to drop his guard, which ultimately results in his defeat.

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