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Royce Herron is an American flm, television, and theater actress, costume and prop designer, and educator, best known for her role as Ms. Appleby in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Zeo, and Power Rangers: Turbo.

Herron's acting career spans more than 45 years; in addtion to her work on Power Rangers, Herron has appeared in ER, The Bernie Mac Show, Rocky Road, How’s Your Love Life, For the Love of Freedom, and Passing. She is the costume and prop designer for Flights of Fantasy Story Theatre.

In 1997, she was dismissed from Saban Entertainment and released from her day player contract; her final appearance on the show as Appleby was Alarmed and Dangerous. Her character was mentioned one final time in The Fall of the Phantom and is never heard from again afterwards. Because of this, she does not appear in Power Rangers in Space or Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Herron is also a teacher at Youth Opportunities High School in Watts and an adjunct faculty member at Glendale Community College, where she designs the costumes for most of the college's shows.

In 2010, Herron was a guest at Power Morphicon 2 in Pasedena, California.

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