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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Megaforce.

Rotox is the first mechanical opponent faced by the Mega Rangers. He is a prototype who is sent out to analyze the Rangers' strengths and weaknesses, for Vrak intends to defeat humanity through the Robots without making the same mistakes as the Insectoids and Toxic Mutants before them.


"I am the robot Rotox. Ready for action!"
―Rotox's first words[src]

As Admiral Malkor enters his cocoon, Metal Alice is completed by Vrak and creates her first experimental machine, Rotox. To demonstrate the might of machines, she attacks him but loses her left leg. After pulling herself together and having earned Vrak's approval, she sends Rotox to attack the city, drawing the attention of the Megaforce.

The Rangers try to fight him but are outmatched and restrained by Rotox's strength and weaponry. Robo Knight later arrives but is caught by surprise and temporarily incapacitated. The Rangers then break free from the chains restricting them and ascend into the Ultra Mode, which proves more than enough to defeat Rotox.

"I am repaired, upgraded and ready for action!"
―Rotox DX immediately after being rebuilt[src]

However, Metal Alice wastes no time and collects his remains, reparing and upgrading him as Rotox DX. Claiming to be ten times stronger than before, he makes short work of the Rangers, going as far as catching and dissipating the Megaforce Blaster's Dynamic Victory Charge with a mere sequence of arm twists.

In a later confrontation, Rotox teams up with Metal Alice in battle and they outclass the Ultra Mode. It takes the full power of the Megaforce to finally defeat Rotox DX. He is enlarged by the Zombolts and fights the Gosei Grand Megazord and the Gosei Ultimate Megazord. After being disarmed of the weaponry on his hands by Gosei Grand, Rotox DX is defeated by Gosei Ultimate's Ultimate Strike.

Three robotic clones of Rotox are later used during the final onslaught led by Vrak, Metal Alice and The Messenger. This model is called Water Rotox. Nevertheless, they are far less powerful and resilient than Rotox or Rotox DX and are easily defeated, each taken down with a twin strike from the Rangers' regular weaponry.

Counterparts/Alternate Forms/Subtypes


Rotox DX


Water Rotox


As the first of a line created to demonstrate the superior strength and endurance of robots, Rotox is tough and confident in his abilities. He follows his assignments to the letter and has a taste for extreme destruction. Also, he is very enthusiastic when it comes to fighting, with his catchphrase being "Ready for Action!".


Rotox is able to throw chains, fire highly focused energy lasers from his optical sensors, attract matter and condense them into a shield which excels in offense and defense. As Rotox DX, along with a power increase of 1000%, beams and rays may also be unleashed from his chest, his defense is raised and his hands are now armed with a twin claw and a double-edged axe, improving his reach and grappling ability to the point of being able to deter and disperse energy.


Rotox, even though being only a prototype, is far stronger than most of the Mega Rangers' previous foes. After being restored and augmented as Rotox DX, he becomes a force unlike any the Mega Rangers had faced prior. He is quite possibly the most resilient out of all Robots, since the Ultra Mode proved very effective against the mechanized VrakThe Messenger and Metal Alice, even though they possess superior strength to him, and somewhat capable of holding equal ground against R1C0, but was absolutely useless against Rotox DX's reinforced armor.

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