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This article is about a/an base in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Root Core

Root Core is the base of the Mystic Rangers.


Root Core is the interior of a colossal tree within the magical realm in Briarwood's forest that towers high above the rest of the woods. The entrance is made of carved wood shaped like a dragon's head, with red eyes; the head opens its mouth to allow passage in and out.

Inside exists the Xenotome and other mystical artifacts that help the Mystic Force Rangers in their fight against evil.

During the two-part season finale, Mystic Fate, the Red Mystic Ranger Nick was brainwashed by The Master, and took on the form of Koragg, The Knight Wolf. His fight against his father, Leanbow, took place in Root Core, which resulted in the chamber being heavily damaged. However, the chamber is repaired shortly afterwards and is seen perfectly intact in the final scene of the series.

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