Ron Wasserman

Ron Wasserman, also known as Aaron Waters and The Mighty RAW, is an American music artist best known for composing the original theme song for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and for the large volume of original songs he also recorded for the series. He is also a member of the band Fisher.

Although wrongly referred to as a "band", "The Mighty RAW" is just an alias for the singer himself.


Early career

Wasserman has fascinated with music since he was three years old. He started a rock band in the mid 1980s with present day actress E.G. Daily. Shortly after the band disbanded, he started working for Saban Entertainment in 1989, filling-in one afternoon and eventually staying there for six and a half years.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

While at Saban, Wasserman developed scores and co-wrote themes for several of their smaller series as well as the animated X-Men series, before he composed some of his most recognizable work, which was for the show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. One day he was presented with the first footage of the show, was told to use the word "Go", and to have it finished by the next day. After two and a half hours, the song that resulted was the show's theme song, "Go Go Power Rangers".[1]

Several of his most popular songs and scores were eventually released on a successful concept album entitled Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Album: A Rock Adventure, which linked his music around a variation on the opening episodes of season two of the television series.

While working on the show, Saban asked Wasserman to come up with an artist name, as they did not want it to appear as though one person was doing all of the music. He came up with the name "Aaron Waters" because his middle name was Aaron and the nameWasserman means "water carrier" in German. Saban later attached the additional alias "The Mighty RAW". The reason behind it is unknown.[1]

Later Saban projects

His success with the Power Rangers soundtrack led to his work on bigger projects, and he contributed music for Sweet Valley High and VR Troopers. Wasserman left Saban in 1995, citing exhaustion.

Post-Saban music career

After leaving Saban in 1996, Wasserman started a band with then-girlfriend Kathy Fisher, whom he later married. The band, Fisher, won an award for "most downloaded song on the Internet" in 2000 and has enjoyed a steady stream of success since then.

Wasserman also began working on various video game titles with Pink Floyd producer Bob Ezrin and contributed to DIC Entertainment. In 1998, Fisher contributed a song for the movie Great Expectations. The band would eventually generate 18,000 downloads after they uploaded content from a recent album to mp3 websites, with the song "I Will Love You" receiving the most downloads.[citation needed]

Return to Power Rangers

Wasserman returned to Power Rangers franchise in 2004 and solo work in 2005. In the very beginning of Power Rangers Dino Thunder's opening he sings "Power Rangers Roar!". In 2005 he composed the theme song for the thirteenth Power Rangers season, Power Rangers: S.P.D.. News of his involvement reached the fanbase and demo versions of the theme were leaked, upsetting Disney executives. His ties to the show's fans may have reinforced their decision not to bring him back to work on their 2006 season Power Rangers: Mystic Force, even though he pitched two different theme songs for them to use that followed their "rap/hip hop" recommendations for the theme. He later contributed an instrumental version of his rock theme, as well as scoring work (for free) for a recent Power Rangers fanfilm, titled Celestial Fury.

Post Power Rangers

Wasserman remains active with other television and commercial projects, including recent work for America's Next Top Model.

In 2010, Wasserman released two original songs with Ozone Entertainment as downloadable content on the Rock Band Network.[2]

On October 22, 2012, Ron Wasserman released "Power Rangers Redux", a downloadable album comprised of music from the first 2 seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The album can be purchased and downloaded from

Personal life

He is married to Kathleen Fisher and they have a son named Aaron.


Studio albums