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"What? Ahah! Oh Noooooo!"
―Robtish’s last words before his death.[src]

Character History

Robtish is a Scottish accented Nighlok. He has 2 squinted eyes and red skin. He has a helmet with spikes and a fierce grin with fangs. He also wields a sword. His upper body, which resembles an angry beast, is based on the Otoroshi. (おとろし?) It is also stated by Octoroo that all the other Nighloks are afraid of him.

He returns in the next episode, Jayden's Challenge, in which he is ready to defeat him. He is destroyed though, and summons some Flying Moogers into action and is destroyed a final time by the Samurai Battlewing Megazord's Megablade.Test of the Leader

Robtish later attended a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven. Party Monsters


Sword: he wields a sword in battle.

Armour: he has a tough armour to protect him.


He is voiced by Peter Daube.


  • Robtish is the second villain with a Scottish accent, the first being Klank from Power Rangers Zeo. However, due to their supernatural origin, neither of them are actually Scottish.
  • Robtish is one of the strongest Nighloks in the series as he was able to best all five Samurai Rangers and overpower Jayden. He would've been able to defeat them for good had not Deker interveened.

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