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This article is about a/an toyline in the Super Sentai series.

Some of the collection

Robo Sentai Collection (戦隊ロボコレクション?) was a chogokin/die-cast sentai robo line released in 1994 to coincide with the TV show Dairanger. The figures had metal bodies and plastic moveable arms. They lacked accessories.

  1. Daizyujin - Zyuranger (also with gold variant)
  2. Jet Icarus - Jetman
  3. Turbo Robo - Turboranger
  4. Live Robo - Liveman
  5. Bio Robo - Bioman
  6. Dyna Robo - Dynaman
  7. Sun Vulcan Robo - Sun Vulcan
  8. Battle Fever Robo - Battle Fever J
  9. DaiDenzin - Denziman
  10. Goggle Robo - Goggle V
  11. Jet Garuda - Jetman
  12. Goryujin - Zyuranger
  13. RyuuseiOh - Dairanger
  14. DaiRenOh - Dairanger

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