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This article is about a/an zord in Power Rangers RPM.

Warrior Mode


Wheel Mode

Road Attack Zord (named by Gemma) is the Ranger Operators' wheel-like robot, described by Flynn as a "self-deploying combat weapon" and by Dr. K as a "self-operating Megazord". The Engine Cell set in its palm-sized form, enlarges it or transforms into warrior mode. With the Engine Cells used for the Zord Attack Vehicles it can transform into human-sized wheel/warrior modes. With its own Engine Cell, it transforms into wheel/warrior forms in-scale to the size of the Rangers' Megazord formations.Not So Simple

In its warrior mode, it is highly agile even at Megazord size, capable of evading its opponent's attacks while it engages in close quarters combat using martial arts.

It was originally created by Flynn, though he and Gemma worked on it further, completing and upgrading it until it was first needed. Dr. K initially disapproved, having earlier reprimanded Flynn for a similar issue, but changed her mind when the Road Attack Zord did not backfire like Flynn's previous device. Thereafter, it was given full operational status.

The Road Attack Zord can be activated by using other Engine Cells, but the energy levels get down after a Ranger does a burn out.The Dome Dolls

It is slightly similar to the Warrior Wheel from Power Rangers Zeo and the LightZord in Power Rangers Super Samurai because it is not Ranger-controlled.

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