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"I'm ready to rip!"
―Ripperat's first line in the episode[src]
"Not again!"
―Ripperat's final words before his death[src]

Ripperat is a Weasel/chainsaw themed monster which appears in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Character History

Ripperat was sent by Galvanax to attack Calvin Maxwell, Hayley Roster and Mick and easily outmatch them. The Nexus Prism arrives to save them, Calvin and Hayley pull out yellow and white Ninja Power Stars from the Nexus. Brody Romero, Preston Tien, Sarah Thompson and Redbot arrives, Ripperat began to battle the Rangers, but he was destroyed by Brody's Red Ninja Steel Slash. Cosmo Royale use Gigantify to grow Ripperat but was destroyed by the Ninja Blaster's Finisher Mode.Forged in Steel

Ripperat is revealed to have twin brother named Trapsaw.The Ranger Ribbon


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Powers and Abilities


  • Chainsaw-like Claws: Ripperrat has the fabled claws of the kamaitachi from mythology, allowing him to rend all in his path with glowing purple energy slices.
  • Serrated Throwing Kunai: Once enlarged, Ripperrat had kunai with serrated edges to toss at his foes.

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