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"I'm gonna hop and bop untill you drop."
―Rhinosnorus before using his Hop and Bop attack on the Samurai Megazord.[src]

Rhinosnorus is a Rhino/sleep-themed Nighlok that appears in the two final two episodes of Power Rangers Samurai, appearing as the primary antagonist of the penultimate episode "Broken Dreams" and the secondary antagonist of the final episode "The Ultimate Duel", he is also the final monster of that season.


Rhinosnorus was first dispatched by Master Xandred to induce good dreams. Although Jayden brushed Mentor Ji's explanation off as it "not being a bad thing", Ji warned him that Rhinosnorus could eat the dream incarnations of his now-dreaming victims, where they would never wake again. Broken Dreams

After becoming a little more frightening, he was defeated by Kevin's Hydro Bow and then with the Samurai Megazord. The Ultimate Duel

Rhinosnorus later attended a Halloween party in the Nighlok Heaven. Party Monsters

Powers and abilities

  • Teleportation: Rhinosnorus can teleport to any location at will.
  • Mooger Summoning: Rhinosnorus can summon an army of Moogers to aid him in battle.
  • Hop and Bop: Rhinosnorus will rapid jump all the while attack the enemy with great force.


  • Dream Sword: When in combat, Rinosnorus can equipped himself with a sword.
  • Mist Blower: On Rinosnorus' left hand is a fish-like blower, for which he can fire an oneiric mist at his enemies that makes people go to sleep and enter a dream state, if the Mist Blower is destroyed, the people will leave the Dream World and wake up immediately.
    • Dream Entering: He can enter the Dream World at any time by opening a portal that resembles twinkling stars on a purplish space background. Afterwards, he will enter a person's dream.
    • Dream Travel: Rhinosnourus can also use this to travel to places in the Dream World faster.
    • Dream Changing: If Rhinosnorus is in the dream world, he can make anything happen.


  • Unlike his Japanese counterpart, he was not defeated by Blue Super Samurai Mode and Claw Armor Megazord with the Samurai Battle Cannon when giant as the Black Box is not ready until Super Samurai.
  • Rhinosnorus' name comes from the words in that order Rhino, Snore and Taurus, it actual makes sense due to what he is based on, as well as his what his abilitys are.
  • Like with fellow sleep-inducing monster Somnibot (from the Zeo episode Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers), Rhinosnorus' puns and metaphors are based on sleep and bedtime, e.g. "Time to turn out the lights!". This is echoed a few seasons later with Nightmare from Dino Super Charge.
    • Somnibot's powers are also nearly identical to his, except Rhinosnorus does not sing a lullaby as he is casting his spell, while she herself does sing.

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