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This article is about a/an cross-series toyline in the Power Rangers franchise.
Retrofire Megazords
Show Power Rangers
Seasons Covered: Mighty Morphin 2010 (Toyline) to
Megaforce (Toyline)
Debut year: 2010
Released by: Bandai America
Production Order

The Power Rangers Retrofire Megazords series figures are 5.5" scale action figures of stylized versions of the Power Rangers Megazords. At first they were released with the Retrofire label but Megazords of the same aesthetic and scale eventually were released in conjunction with other series' toylines. The line along with its spiritual successors ended with Super Megaforce. The line is produced by Bandai America.

First Series

The first series was released in boxes with stands. They were released in conjunction with RPM (Toyline).

Wave One

Wave Two

These were unreleased in the USA.

Second Series

The second series was released in plastic tubes without stands. They were released in conjunction with Samurai (Toyline).

Wave Three

Wave Four

Third Series

The third series was released in carded form. They were released in conjunction with Megaforce (Toyline).

Wave Five

Fourth Series

The fourth series was released in 2014. They will be released in conjunction with Super Megaforce (Toyline)

Wave Six

Chronological Order

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