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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Wild Force.

Retinax is an eye-themed General Org and bodyguard to Master Org. He wandered the Earth for a millennia after his master's destruction, believing he had failed. He was later found by Toxica and Jindrax, who told him Master Org had returned. Seeking to redeem himself, Retinax attempted to destroy the Rangers. However, he was defeated, and then destroyed by Master Org, whom he did not recognize because he was the human Viktor Adler.

Retinax, themed after an eye (his name is even a pun on retina and axe, his signature weapon), was resurrected with the other face-themed General Orgs Nayzor and Mandilok to defend the pillars used in the Org Heart ceremony. He was defeated, but returned fused together with the other Generals as Master Org's new body.

In battle, Retinax uses an axe with an eye embedded in it, this axe is also used in the formation of the Nexus Blade. This General Org can also shoot electricity from his main eye and can extend his arms to wrap around enemies.


  • Out of the three General Orgs, Retinax's role in the series was the most reduced when compared to his Gaoranger counterpart who was in charge of the Orgs during the first part of the series unlike Retinax, who only appeared in two episodes of Wild Force.
  • He is one of only three Orgs in the series shown to be able to grow to giant size on his own, without the help of magic seeds, with the other two being Master Org and Zen-Aku. (Although Onikage did appear to grow large without the use of magic seeds in his first appearance, but it was later revealed to be just an illusion)


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