This article is about a/an evil ranger team in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

"Savage EvoGuts! Jamei Sentai Evoranger!"

The Renaissance Trinoid Jamei Sentai Evoranger (邪命戦隊エヴォンジャー, Jamei Sentai Evorenjā, lit. "Wicked Life Squadron Evoranger") are a sentai team made up of Trinoids.

Team History

Creative Messenger Mikela resurrected 3 of his most powerful Trinoids in order to create his own sentai team to defeat the Abarangers. But when they wanted to sing their intro song, Mikoto Nakadai (AbareKiller) entered the Evolian base to gain control. The Evoranger attacked him, but were mercilessly killed by Mikoto, before they could even fight the Abarangers.


SharkuruRed Trinoid 10: Sharkurumarguerite
AyamegaBlue Trinoid 11: Ayameganezumi
TensaYellow Trinoid 3: Tensaikikku


  • Evo Dynamite


  • The Evoranger just looked like when they did during their first life as trinoids, but the only difference was that they wore scarfs colored equal to their Abaranger counterparts (red, blue and yellow).