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Reign of the Jellyfish is the forty-seventh episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.


The kids of Angel Grove High prepare a time capsule for future citizens. However, Squatt and Baboo try and steal the capsule for Rita (who also wants to be famous in the future), who sends the Jellyfish to challenge our heroes.


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  • Kimberly was wearing a pink shirt throughout the episode, but when they were burying the time capsule, her shirt was orange.
  • In the viewing globe when the rangers see Jellyfish with the putties, Trini calls them the "Superputties", but yet when the rangers defeat them, they defeated them easily like they were regular putties.
  • The Megazord's finisher shows it slashing horizontally, but the shot on the monster is shown diagonally from top to bottom.
  • Despite the power of Jellyfish’s attack that almost burnt through the Ranger’s suits, Jason never thought to try using the Dragon Shield to protect himself.


  • First episode to play the song Combat.
  • Tenth time Tommy doesn't appear.
  • The Rangers' predictions about the future would actually come true by the time of the Power Rangers Time Force season.