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Redeye is a female red-eyed mutant who serves as a minor antagonist in the episodes "Uniquely Trip" and "Reflections of Evil".


Redeye, like all other mutants, was created in the result of a chemical accident. Before the events of the season, she was captured by Time Force and frozen in the Cryo-Prison. In the 21st Century, Ransik released Redeye and sent her to attack the city with an army of Cyclobots. Redeye attacked Silver Hills with the army of Cyclobots and battled the Time Force Rangers, who defeated and froze Redeye with the Vortex Blaster before she could use her Seal Patch to enlarge herself. Later, the Rangers fought a copy of this mutant again when they were trapped in Miracon's dimension. The mirror version of Redeye was destroyed by the Vortex Blaster.

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left Shoulder.


Redeye is pompous and nasty. But she is more perverse and wicked than other mutants, due to her pedophile qualities. She is very sadistic and is shown to be enjoying abusing children. She is extremely cowardly, hates being threatened and fears losing. She is also a bit of trickster, faking surrendering and fighting in battle only to lose.

Powers and abilities

Redeye is a weak mutant who use more on tricks than power.

  • Energy impulses: Redeye can shoot energy impulses.
  • Enlarging: Redeye can enlarge herself like all other mutants, but she didn't use it.


  • Miniature shield: Redeye uses a miniature shield in combat.
  • Sword: Redeye also uses a sword in battle.

Behind the scenes

Voice actor

Redeye is voiced by Wendee Lee.


  • Redeye is the first mutant that wasn't enlarged.
  • Redeye is the second female mutant seen in the series.
  • In her debut episode, she was shown to have long extended nails as opposed to her Sentai counterpart, where she lacked any nails.

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