This article is about a/an device in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

The Reanimator is the monster-reviving machine Wrench creates in order to resurrect outlaws destroyed by the Dino Charge Rangers.


The Reanimator is completely built and operational some time after Gold Digger is defeated. It requires something of the monster to bring them back to life.

Though perfectly functional, the tool is limited as to how many lives it can restore at once and it has only been seen reviving one, such as with Duplicon and Meteor, or, as in the case of Iceage and Stingrage, two outlaws at a time.

It has three main functions: to use the criminals again in a subsequent mission, to financially serve as Sledge's saving grace by regaining the chance to obtain profit from his employers by reimprisoning his bounties, and to ensure the main villains never run out of soldiers and have a consistent and complete army.

The device is used to bring back many convicts back to life, many of which are offered a second chance, while others are reincarcerated.

Like before, they are mostly escorted to the battlefield, though now usually by Fury, to ensure they hold their part of the bargain.

The gadget resisted the crash of Sledge's ship, but could not restore Sledge back to life as he was never dead in the first place and there was nothing of him to use.

It can also make hybrid monsters. With Spellbinder's magic pendant and Gold Digger's coins, Fury and Wrench created Spell Digger.Riches and Rags

In the event that the Reanimator is sped up to revive monsters for army purposes, the revived monsters will be unable to speak.Wings of Danger