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This article is about a/an weaponizing implement in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
Basco's Trumpet

Basco playing the Rapparatta.

The Rapparatta (ラッパラッター Rapparattā?) is Basco's special trumpet. The Rapparatta has five slots where Ranger Keys can be inserted. With them, he can summon copies of Rangers by playing it. He can also use the Rapparatta to forcefully take the previous sentai teams Greater Powers.


When Marvelous confronted Basco, Basco shown him Ranger Keys that he didn't know of. These Ranger Keys were of the sixth rangers: TimeFire, DragonRanger, KingRanger, Sky Ninja Shurikenger and DekaBreak. He summoned these with the Rapparatta. A Privateer Appears

When Marvelous rescued his crew from Basco, he used the Rappratta to summon the other ten sixth rangers to fight them. Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai

In the Ginga Forest, Basco summoned copies of the extra rangers: DekaMaster, Wolzard Fire and MagiMother. This revealed that he had more Ranger Keys after the Gokaigers took his sixth ranger Ranger Keys. He later used the Rapparatta to take the greater power of Gingaman from the former Black Knight, Hyuuga. Basco proceeded to summon a copy of the Black Knight. The Lost Forest

Basco tried to take the greater power of Matsuri Tatsumi (GoPink†) but the Rapparatta had no effect. It was revealed that what appeared to be Matsuri was actually Ahim using a Magiranger disguise spell. People's Lives Are the Future of Earth

Basco took the greater power of Changeman from an unnamed male member of the Earth Defense Force who was presumably a Changeman. Basco also took Flashman and Maskman greater powers. Basco later used the Rapparatta on Gorou Hoshino (OhRed†). To Gorou's shock, Basco drained the greater power although he intended for Momo Maruo (OhPink†) to give it to the Gokaigers, but Marvelous refused to be simply given it rather than take it by force. Crash!! Secret Operations

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