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"A hundred legs to strike you-Rantipede!"
―Rantipede's roll call[src]

Rantipede, master of the Centipede fighting style, is the first of the Poisons to battle the Jungle Fury Rangers. He strikes Casey with a non-lethal poison. He later does combat against the Yellow Ranger, asking for the Red Ranger to show up instead. He soon reveals his true visage, with a head made up of a coiled centipede tail, gathers the ranger's fear, and grows. While battling the Jungle Pride Megazord, he uncoils the tail from his head and wraps it around Megazord's chest. The Megazord spins around and frees itself. He is then destroyed by the Megazord's Savage Spin. He has the ability to strike his opponent with a hundred punches.

He was later revived by Naja along with Gakko to overthrow Dai Shi, but was destroyed by his intended victim. This same trio were later revived by Dai Shi for the final battle and faced off with The Wolf Ranger, but were destroyed yet again.

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