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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Rangers in the Outfield is the sixth episode of Power Rangers Zeo. This marks first appearance of the Zeo I, II, III and IV Power Weapons.


Tanya inadvertently takes Shawn's place as the Angel Grove High baseball team's star player. Inspired by this, Prince Sprocket sends down the People Pitcher.


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  • Zordon and Alpha 5 do not appear in this episode.
  • The Zeo Megazord fight was used in a PC game Power Rangers Zeo PowerActive Words.
  • Tanya and Shawn break up permanently this time. Shawn won't appear again until "Game of Honor", which will also be his final appearance.
  • The beginning of the episode uses the song "Strike" from VR Troopers.


  • After the Rangers use their group kick against the monster, Tommy materializes from a Red teleportation beam. This is from the unintroduced Defender Wheel.


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