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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Raise the Titanasaur is the forty-first episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, continuing the Lost Galaxy arc. The episode marks the last appearance of the monster Titanisaur.


Terra Venture is in danger of losing all power unless it gets out of the Lost Galaxy. Captain Mutiny unleashes his most destructive monster, the Titanisaur, and none of the Megazords are able to stop him. The Galaxy Rangers pull together and use every bit of their energy to blast the creature, but time is still running out for Terra Venture.


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  • It was never explained how the Titanisaur crossed from the Ocean Dome to the City Dome.
  • The Swabbies were shown having to remove a huge bolt in this episode to detach the castle from Titanisaur, however when Captain Mutiny detached the castle to assist Grunchor previously, the castle and Titanisaur separated instantly.


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