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Radster is a scorpion themed monster. Radster was called in to confront the Galaxy Rangers when Brunt failed to maintain his capture of the Galactabeasts on the wild planet. Radster himself was eventually forced to retreat when the Rangers released the Galactabeasts. He returned with Furio to Terra Venture, fighting off Commander Stanton's squad of GSA soldiers who put up a minor resistance against the two monsters before the Power Rangers arrived. He later was destroyed by the Lion Galactabeast. Radster is a lobster and/or scorpion-themed monster. In the first battle with the Ranger he wields a spear, on Terra Venture he wields a pistol in battle. Race to the Rescue

In the flashback sequence in "The Sunflower Search", Radster is shown among the monsters present during Scorpius' attack on the Magna Defender's planet 3,000 years ago.

Radster was among the monsters in the Shadow World.The Fate of Lightspeed


  • The character's biggest personality trait is vanity and speaking like an Elvis Presley imitator.
  • Radster's boots were later recycled as a component for the Mut-Org Kired.

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