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"Tiramisu, Konjac, Mille-Feuille!"
"Dreamy Traffic Safety! Gekisou Shoujou~White Racer!

Radietta Fanbelt (ラジエッタ・ファンベルト, Rajietta Fanberuto) / White Racer (ホワイトレーサー, Howaito Rēsā): The younger sister of Beauty Zonnette, and a huge Carranger fan. With magic, she dons an outfit modeled after the Carrangers (to the point of having the number six as an identifier) and calls herself "White Racer". She drives the Radiacar which can become a robot, but for only one minute. First aided Carrangers against the Boso Sentai Zokuranger, able to shapeshift. Calls Red Racer "big brother" because of his love for Zonnette. Transforms by saying "Tiramisu, konjac, mille-feuille".

White Racer


White Racer

Kurumagic Mecha



  • Radietta was a Super Sentai (Carranger) Fan, this would followed by Gai Ikari from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Nobuo Akagi from Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger. However Gai became an official sentai hero while Radietta & Nobuo were not official sentai.
    • Not coincidentally, all three fan/hero characters have been created and were written in by Sentai writer Naruhisa Arakawa.
  • Radietta's Radiacar Robo ran only for 1 minute, making it the shortest running arsenal. This was followed by Yuusaku Hayakawa's MegaSilver suit in the next season, which lasted 2.5 minutes due to a flaw in the suit, but this was later fixed.
  • Her name is a play on the car parts radiator and fanbelt.
  • Radietta is one of the Sentai allies who doesn't have an American counterpart. The closest is possibly Dimitria due to her alliance with the PR and her connection with her sister Divatox.
  • Radietta did not fight in the Great Legend War possibly because her powers are unofficial, and possibly the fact that she was on another planet.
  • Radietta's transformation is a direct parody of the transformation sequences from the original Sailor Moon anime, right down to the blue bubble backgrounds, heart rod, and ribbons wrapping around her body. This would be the Third time Super Sentai would reference Sailor Moon, the first being Ninja Sentai Kakuranger's "Sailor Sisters." The second being in "Chouriki Sentai Ohranger: The Movie", with one of the guest actors using Sailor moon's Battlecry at the end of the film. Sailor Moon was still running at the time, was also a Toei production, and was itself inspired by Super Sentai.


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