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Character History

Bowzock's best spiritualist, Rii use a massive hammer that he uses to "beat" guts into people, making them crazy and cause chaos. He goes to Earth, after being promised Zelmonda's job if he succeeds. But while going after Yoshie, Rii ends up striking a vacuum cleaner and decides to bring inanimate objects to life to attack people instead. When four of the Carrangers intervene, Rii gains forced aid from Zelmonda. After Rii changes Tenma's car, Red Racer finally joins the fight. After driving Zelmonda off, the Carrangers use the Formula Nova to kill RR Rii before he could use his hammer on a building, restoring everything in the process.


Despite be called the Bowzock's best spiritualist (yeah like that's a high bar), there really is nothing spiritual about him. He is cruel, ambitious, and his idea of spiritualism is using his magic mallet to beat people's spirit into shape. But despite that he is surprisingly polite; when he comes across a random woman, he greets her with a respectful greeting and when she runs away screaming, he just shrugs it off saying its just common sense. She'd be scared of his appearance.

Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is the one of a Engineer.