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RH-03 is Yellow Buster's Buster Vehicle. It can be piloted and can transform into a variety of forms each with its own function, chief of which is RH-03 Rabbit.


Following Go-Buster Ace's shut down of the ShovelZord, RH-03 was deployed alongside GT-02 to collect the debris of the destroyed MegaZord for analysis for a possible counter to Vaglass. Later, when the BurnerZord materialized and set fire to the city, RH-03 and GT-02 dealt with getting civilians to safety and fighting the fire as CB-01 engaged the BurnerZord. Mission 2: A Promise Made 13 Years Ago

Super Hero Taisen Z

During the battle with the revived Space Crime Syndicate MadouIcon-crosswiki, Yoko summoned RH-03 to try to get through to Psycholon while the Demon King PsychoIcon-crosswiki was assaulting Kyoryuzin. The Demon King Psycho proceeded to smash RH-03 out of the way, resulting in Yellow Buster falling out of the Buster Machine. However, Psycholon broke free from Psycho's control and saved Yoko by taking a shot for her. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z


Buster Vehicle RH-03

Buster Vehicle RH-03: When in "auto-navigation" mode, it can travel the city on its own. It is docked at the storage bay and launched on its own when the Yellow Buster is already on the scene.

Buster Machine RH-03

Once piloted by Usada Lettuce and Yellow Buster it goes into "interface" mode, with a facsimile of Lettuce's animal head taking over the cockpit forming a modified helicopter. It has the ability to lift heavy objects as well as douse fires with powerful water-release capabilities. Mission 2: A Promise Made 13 Years Ago

Buster Animal RH-03 Rabbit

It can also transform with Lettuce into an Animal Mode- the RH-03 Rabbit.


A list of mecha combinations which include RH-03:



  • RH-03 is the only helicopter-animal hybrid mech that isn't modeled after a bird.
  • RH-03 is the first rabbit themed mecha that is replacable in a formation by another mecha.

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